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June 22, 2007


car shipping

They car shipping will allow you to compare prices from different companies. You don't want to. They also provide optional coverage for public liability, marquee and ceremonial swords.

remote control helicopter

Swich to wordpress, make your blogger nicer. -My 2 cents

Jack Payne

Wow! what an impressive background. With the exception of the military experience it sounds almost dead-ringer to my own, My version, though seems lower-key and somewhat boring. The latter two-thirds of my career were concentrated on writing 55 business books. At one point, in the 1970s, I ground out 7 books in one year. An assembly line pace. Not only a lot of work, but that got to be boring indeed.

Is it true that the New Hampshire state motto is, "Go away and leave us alone?"

Lewis Green


Thank you for being you. I am honored to join such steller company.

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